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Sooner or later, in every man's life there an important point happens - the first visit the gym. No matter whether you want to lose weight or just strengthen muscles and improve well-being, at a first time everything will be for you unusual and a little bit scary. The first time is better to turn to the coach. But to go to the gym totally unprepared is also not a better idea. You need to know the basic workout rules of fitness in the gym - how to warm up, why you should do this or that device, how to eat, etc.

• Have you ever trained with such celebrities like Arnold Schwarzenegger or Ronnie Coleman? If not, you will have such opportunity with our workout video pack! They will teach you how properly you have to train and what exactly you should eat for the best performance.
• Not a beginner but already experienced professional? Well, you also can find here such useful info that will refresh your knowledge about bodybuilding and human body muscles. It can be even funny for you or it will really help you with some fitness exercises that you probably forgot.
• Currently, organizational and methodological aspects are used like modern forms of recreational motor activity are combined with the term Fitness.
In a wide sense, it refers to fitness optimal quality of life that covers the social, mental, spiritual and physical humanity components.
In the narrow (private) sense, fitness is meaning to achieve and maintain a good level of fitness, the tasks of formation of vital and sports and indicative of motor skills and abilities.
• Professional bodybuilding is a sport where the judges determine the best bodybuilder on the basis of their aesthetics, size and quality of the physical development of bodybuilders, demonstrating them in different poses.
Competition in men's classic bodybuilding include three rounds. In the first qualifying round you must specify the required posture. There are front double biceps, front back muscles, chest - biceps sideways, back double biceps, rear back muscles, side and triceps press-thigh. In the second round, the athletes show their freestyle program. The final includes both compulsory and free posing.
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