GYM Leg Routine

10 Killer Leg Exercises for your Leg Workouts. If you want to get a nice set of legs, you need to work both the quad and hamstring muscles. This video shows examples of GYM Leg Routine and some different leg exercises you can throw into your leg workouts to mix it up a bit.

If you want to pump up the legs, you have to recycle them completely, without ignoring the shin. Muscles of the lower leg consists of three main muscle groups:

Calf muscle begins his knee on the femur joins the heel and Achilles tendon. It has two ends: the medial and lateral. These tips and form the famous diamond shape, which expects to receive every person, and that is mainly formed when the knees remain straight during the exercise.
Soleus muscle located under the calf muscles at the back of the leg. Included in the work during bending the knees.
Tibialis anterior muscle on the front of the shin and is responsible for the dorsal flexion of the foot (toe pulling up).