10 Min Home Abs Workout

Quite often, in order to “remove the stomach,” “sides” and to achieve a thin waist in the home, the girls begin to do endless abdominal exercises and heavy twirl the hoop, leaving bruises on the body. Also popular are the cling film wraps and massages. However, the most effective way to get rid of belly fat remains the overall weight loss. Fat does not leave the body locally, and those for whom the problem area is the abdomen and flanks, the fat will go to these places in the last turn. Massage, etc. may have only a minor temporary impact.

The well-known nutritionist, author of Diet 2.0 drying the body, which is used by professional fitness and bodybuilding, Lyle McDonald recommends 2 best exercises for the press at home:
turns head from side to side (when you offer “additive”);
push away from the table (when you are full).
Thus, the best “exercise” for women who want to have a thin waist – a diet and proper nutrition.

Abdominal exercises are designed to strengthen the muscles – in their absence after slimming the stomach may seem “sunken” and not look very aesthetically pleasing. For training does not necessarily go to the gym – home exercises for the press will be enough.