15 Minute Home Abs Workout & CARDIO BONUS

This 15 minute abs workout with cardio bonus at the end will help you strengthen your abs and burn off overlying fat. This ab workout for women contains 4 advanced abs exercises and an additional 150 reps of cardio based exercises as a bonus at the end of these 15 min abs exercises.

A 15 min ab workout a couple times per week will help to build strength in the core which will help flatten out your abs. You also need to do some cardio and maintain a healthy diet to lean out and strip away fat in the abdominal area to get a flat stomach.

Do each of the exercises in this abs and cardio workout for 50 seconds followed by a 10 second rest. Do the entire abs workout 3 times through followed by the cardio bonus at the end for a complete 15 minute ab workout.

1) Leg Drop and Knee Hug
2) Sandbag Sit Up and Press
3) Twisted Pistons
4) Sawing Abs


1) 100 High Knees
2) 25 Pushups
3) 25 Jump Squat Foot Grabs

Many people want to learn how to quickly pump up the press a girl, but it is better to abandon this goal, since only with regular and moderate loads will welcome cubes on her belly. The main problem encountered by many women – do not start to swing the press, and to bring our plans to the end. If a woman has dared to do in the home, you must make an effort of daily activities and make the norm.

The optimal number of sessions when necessary burden falls on the abdominal muscles and thus they are not overworked, 3-4 times a week. To become an owner of beautiful dice on his stomach, you need to do exercises for women to press for 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each.

Engage in the house much more difficult than in the gym, because there is a coach himself will tell you how to swing a press girls and so there is no need for self-discipline. But in any case, you should carry out special exercises that can help you understand how to properly swing a press girls.

Effective exercises

Usually at home are performed such exercises for the abs for girls:

Lie on your back, legs bent at the knees, put your hands at your sides. At the entrance to the straight leg raise and hold them in that position for a few seconds, exhale drop them down. This exercise allows you to pump up the lower press at home.
Lie on your back, put his hands behind his head, legs bent at the knees. On the inhale to lift the legs to the knees were perpendicular to the floor, exhale to lower the legs to the right. Then repeat the exercise to the left side. Fulfilling his burden falls on the lower and obliques.
Lie on your back, legs straight, arms along the body lay. Raise legs to a right angle with the body, they must be fully extended or bent at the knees. Slowly take the starting position. This exercise also allows girls to pump up the lower press blocks at home.
For the upper press need to take the following position: lie down on the floor, feet shoulder-width apart to breed, bend their knees, placing the foot on the floor, hands behind your head start. Then slowly raise your upper body to the knees, keeping your back flat as possible.
slim stomach

If you wish to have a beautiful belly, girls begin to perform daily exercises at home, putting a strong-willed efforts.

However, pump up the press to cubes is very difficult because of the peculiarities of the female physiology, they can hide under a layer of fat on the abdomen. Therefore, in addition to performing regular intensive training is also important to review your diet. It is necessary to completely eliminate fatty foods, simple carbohydrates, sugary sodas.

If there is excess weight before you start wondering how to pump up the press girl should get rid of the extra kilos with the help of sports such as:

And in order to achieve good results, these sports activities need to be combined with the right diet food. It is best to contact the coach who will help you choose effective exercises for the upper and lower press, and tell you how to swing a press girls. Subject to the basic rules and recommendations of the experts, putting strong-willed efforts and performing effective exercises you can pump up the press to cubes even at home.