4 Min Home Ab Workout – Abs Exercises

A very common mistake among girls – pumping oblique muscles (all sorts of side bends) to remove the fat from the “sides”. “Boca” – is fat! It can not be “inflated”, only for weight loss, you can remove the fat from the sides. A obliques exercises can make wider waist. Therefore, they recommended only to those involved in contact sports (eg, wrestling). If you are especially concerned about how it will look body after exercise, better Spend more time on cardio, where you can spend additional energy and at the expense of burning fat.
The number of repetitions
Each exercise is 20-25 times (or until the strong burning sensation in the muscles) in 3 sets.
There is no need to do exercises for the press on a daily basis. It’s not the biggest muscle in the body and does not make sense to load it much. Proper nutrition combined with periodic full body workout will be enough for weight loss in the abdominal area.
If you train every time the whole body, it is possible to include in the program one abdominal exercises each workout.
If you are training 3-4 times per week and are divided on foot / back / chest, you can do abdominal exercises 2-3 (twisting and scissors, for example) in the easiest day.

Female body is designed not as an example more complicated men. Planning of training, preparation of schedules should be conducted, taking into account their own and the menstrual cycle. It is not recommended to practice physical activities the day before menstruation, during, and two days after. How fast can you pump up the press Regarding the timing, the average at giving relief to muscles of the abdomen (pump up the press “cubes”) takes no less than a month of regular exercise. It is better to deal with every day, wasting exercise for half an hour. Assurances that there are wonderful programs that can achieve a perfect home media this week – just a myth. The task is complicated, if the girl is suffering completeness. Stratum layer of fat on the abdomen, thickness of more than 1 cm cubes hide even under the most intensive training. In this case, the power classes necessarily accompanied by exercises for weight loss (running, walking), a healthy diet and drying the body. How to download press Now the girls will talk about the basic rules of exercise. Even if you plan to deal exclusively with the house, then you do not need special sports equipment. It is possible to do on their own. It is best to download the press lying on the floor, because we need a rigid base. Use special mat for yoga or fitness classes. Each lesson begins with a warm up. No matter in what form – stretching muscles, gymnastics, dance. Well heated abdominal muscles – is the key to more efficient use of basic exercises. To begin the load should be 2 hours after a meal and at least 2 hours before bedtime. Abdominal exercises for the girls first tell you about the structure of the abdominal muscles. Press – a set of muscles, including three areas: top; lower; side or oblique. Next, we describe the most effective exercises for the girls to each of these muscle groups. In most cases, you need to swing the press in the supine position.