Oblique curl. It develops the external and internal oblique abdominal muscles. Starting position – lying on his back. Knees bent, lower back pressed to the floor. Hands kept his head, fingers touch his neck. The opposite elbow – knee, first turn to the left – to touch the bottom foot on the ground while the top is pressed against it. Bending the body, trying to get elbow behind their heads left hand right knee. Next, turn your back to the mirror and perform cycle right.

Lateral twisting. It trains the muscles of the trunk side. Starting position: lying on his side. Legs bent position – the right to the left. The left arm is extended parallel to the floor and touches it with his hand. The right hand behind his head wound. Lift the pelvis, rising on his left forearm on the floor, while the body also lifted and pulled on one line. Rising arm behind their heads, carry on the belt. The highest point – fixing 2 – 3 p. Then – back to its original position. The cycle repeats mirror – right side.

Difficulties should not arise, because there are dozens of variants of twisting. Therefore, do not hesitate to experiment, selected on the basis of its current level of fitness necessary movements for maximum load at the end of each set.
The presence of horizontal bar at home – an additional opportunity to strengthen the bottom of the press. However, it is important to note that to achieve the desired effect should not lift his feet, and the maximum may deviate from the vertical pelvis.