Best Leg Workout for Women

How to build your leg muscles


The most effective exercises to train leg muscles are squats, which, incidentally, contributes to the growth and gluteal muscles. The effectiveness of sit-ups depends on the method of implementation. It is best to do exercise for 15 times in 3 sets. If you have dumbbells at home – excellent, squats with weights will provide more rapid and effective results. Here’s how to build leg squats!

Step – Up your own Best Leg Workout for Women:
For pumping calves perfect step – up. Doing exercises with a special step – boards. By the way, you can make it yourself from the boards or bars. Exercise can be done with the weighting.

Feet swings in Best Leg Workout for Women:
It helps get rid of the so-called “ears” on the buttocks, as well as form the inside of the leg. For convenience, better to keep hands on the back of a chair or the edge of the table. No less effective kicks in the supine position and swings back.

Lunges of Best Leg Workout for Women:
Front, side and rear attacks perfectly formed glutes and thighs. Making approach is two for each leg.

Jumping on the rope:
Very simple and very effective. In addition to pumping legs, jumping helps get rid of excess weight in the shortest possible time.