Great basic exercise for BACK WORKOUT FOR MASS. Variations pull-ups associated with the change in the width of the grip. However, we must remember that narrowing the width of the grip, as well as its excessive expansion, prevents reduction of the broad peak, the ideal distance between the brushes – a little wider than shoulder width. It is used for entering into a variety of training and raising the power capacity of the shoulder girdle. If you want to increase the load of exercise, put on heavy athletics belt and tie him to the front on a strong cord burdening – a dumbbell or barbell disk.

Thrust his head at a high unit in BACK WORKOUT FOR MASS!
One of the best exercises for the latissimus. Traction unit for a head is more convenient in performance compared to the pull-ups, and the good that allows you to shift the angle of thrust in any direction, thereby cycling more diverse bundles of muscle.

Link unit to a belt sitting about BACK WORKOUT FOR MASS.
This exercise has a basic character and straining more muscle mass, including major muscle: chest and lats. The movement is considered one of the best to give back the visual width. The most effective option exercise involves the use of a forked stick, allowing you to keep the brush in parallel.