Chest Exercise with Dumbbells

Chest Exercise with Dumbbells and very good 8 others!

Be careful of starting the Chest Exercise with Dumbbells lying, learn to maintain control over them before starting to work intensively with progressive weights – bench press and dumbbell stand you in good stead. However, do not forget that the dumbbell bench press lying – it’s not the only alternative to bench press with a barbell. If the rack bench press in your room is constantly busy and you can not transfer your workout, you can switch to push-ups on the parallel bars. The implication is that your room has a decent boards for push-ups, and that you are strong enough to carry them out. If you do push-ups with good technique, they can be safer and more practical exercise than a dumbbell bench press lying – at least for most people. Or you can do bench press the bar on a bench with a slight slope.

To take an initial position before Chest Exercise with Dumbbells you should lie down on the bench and your assistant should submit to you both dumbbells alternately. Or, you can take a starting position themselves, without outside help. Sit on the edge of the bench, holding the dumbbells vertically on hips next to the torso. You must make sure that keep the dumbbells exactly in the middle. Keeping the arms bent at the elbows, keep your chin to your chest. Pushing the dumbbell feet, tilt back, keeping your back round. Holding the forearm vertically immediately start mode. During benching Your feet should be stable, place them under the block as a bar lying in the bench press.

Squeeze the dumbbell on the same path as you squeeze the bar: the lower position is the same as in the bench of the bar, but maybe if the trajectory is less than the horizontal component, it will save you a better control of the weights. Dumbbells have to move the same way. They should not “drift” in the hand, one arm should not be ahead of the other.