Powerful and well-developed chest – a dream of many athletes. It pecs form characteristic physical shape of the torso, being one of the major muscle groups of the body. Chest muscle training is considered the most important in bodybuilding.

Push-ups, the primary anatomic exercise for the chest muscles have a limited resource growth, not allowing you to work with the extra weight – it is important to know not only effective exercises for the chest, but also to understand the anatomy of the chest muscles.

Anatomically, the breast musculature is divided into major and minor pectoral muscles. Pectoralis major muscle has a triangular shape, weaving one of the grounds in the shoulder; pectoralis minor is directly under the large and is more stabilizing than working.

It is important to remember that the chest muscles never act in isolation – in addition to the work they will always be involved in the muscle of the upper zone press, hand (mainly the biceps and triceps), deltoids, and even the back muscles (latissimus and trapezius).

The best exercises for the muscles of the chest

The best exercises for pectoral muscles are considered to be dips, breeding dumbbells lying, bench press on a flat bench press on an incline bench. The latter two can be performed with a dumbbell or barbell, acting on the chest in various ways.

The bar will allow workers to use large weight and is less traumatic for the joints due to the limited range of motion, and the possibility of using insurance. Dumbbells allow you to use stabilizer muscles, focusing on individual beams.