Dumbbell Chest Workout Routine


Just 1 Dumbbell Chest Workout Routine for mass!

Press the dumbbells, you can keep them anyway, did post. You can keep them parallel to each other or something else, as you prefer. You can even change the position of the wrist as you move. Especially convenient and dumbbells is that they allow you to keep your wrist in almost any position, as opposed to the bar.
It is not necessary to seek excessive amplitude in the bench press with Dumbbell Chest Workout Routine. The distance between your hands should be about the same as in the bench press the bar. You do not need to do bench presses with dumbbells too wide grip, trying to throw up as low as possible at the lowest point of the amplitude. Lower the hands-down no less than you would with a bench press bar lying.
In the first few workouts using dumbbells light weight and does not reach failure. Wait until you learn how to maintain full control over the dumbbells. Only after this you can spread in the exercise completely. Perhaps now you control bad dumbbells. But as you have more and more will get used to exercise, control over your dumbbells can not improve.
In Dumbbell Chest Workout Routine the assistant should get on your knees behind your head and keep your hands under your elbows. So it will really be ready to come to your aid. But do not do this exercise to failure. When failure to remain one repeat, stop, otherwise you risk losing control of the weights. Loss of control can cost you injured, and very serious. Even the most attentive assistant can not do anything if you are reaching failure, suddenly lost control of both dumbbells simultaneously.

Remember and always take care of properly doing exercises! Be careful with weights and other stuff in gym.