Dumbbell Pec Exercises


Good Dumbbell Pec Exercises in GYM !

Doing Dumbbell Pec Exercises your assistant (better if they would be two) must be removed from you at the end of the dumbbell set. Or, you can get up from the bench alone, holding a dumbbell in your hands. This is done as follows: lower the dumbbell to the lower part of the torso, without relaxing the muscles in the arms, shoulders and chest, raise your bent knees as high as possible. When the thighs touch the dumbbell press chin to your chest and then “throw” their feet and rolled forward in a sitting position. It is easier to implement if your mate you are rested his hands on your shoulders and help you roll over and sit up straight.

Typically, the fixed weight dumbbells have a pitch of 2.5 kg. We multiply it by two dumbbells and get a total of 5 kg, which is a very big raise. In every Dumbbell Pec Exercises keep doing dumbbell presses with a certain weight, as long until you can easily do a few repetitions is greater than its target figure, and only then move on to more weight dumbbells. Nor should we tie the wrists to the extra weight, trying to make a smooth transition from one set of dumbbells to other, more difficult. It is a bad idea. The weights strapped to the wrist can cause you to lose your balance.

If you have a collapsible dumbbells, you can not add 2.5 kg, and less if you have small pancakes. Even if you have only in the presence of a fixed weight dumbbells, you can attach a small pancakes each dumbbell. Use for this purpose a strong adhesive tape and make sure the pancakes securely attached to the dumbbell. Over time, you get to the weight of the fixed weight dumbbells next. To make Dumbbell Pec Exercises easier to keep your balance and maintain control of the dumbbells, attach small pancakes equally to both ends of each dumbbell. There is an alternative: you can use small pancakes magnets.