Dumbbell Workouts for Chest


Kali will show you Dumbbell Workouts for Chest!

This exercise involves an isolated chest muscles, mainly the interior and top. Exercise should be done slowly, completely eliminating cheating. This is one of the best exercises for training the chest.

Technique exercises of Dumbbell Workouts for Chest:

• Lie on a horizontal bench, feet shoulder width apart, rest on the floor.
• Take a dumbbell in each hand and raise them above the breast, but rather over the shoulders. Hands slightly bent. The angle at the elbow is fixed and remains unchanged until the end of the set.
• arms to the side. Dumbbells are moving in a vertical plane.
• As soon as the dumbbell drop to shoulder level or slightly lower, as much as possible tighten your chest muscles, change direction and bring the dumbbells above the chest (on the same path on which you have them before divorce).
• Create a maximum force at the end of the movement.

Tips on proper technique of the Dumbbell Workouts for Chest:

• Learn to perform proper technique of movements, before increasing the weight of weights.
• Do not use the power of inertia; use slow controlled movement.
• Avoid excessive extension arms at the elbows and shoulder joints overload. Your arms should be slightly bent at the elbow at an angle of approximately 10 °.
• bringing his hands, straining the muscles of the chest, not squeezing the dumbbell upward force the hand muscles.
• breathe out when lifting weights.

And if you feel that you can reach more power with more weights please do it but keep limits to avoid unnecessary cases. Always consult and discuss your moves with your personal fitness trainer or keep in mind this video to make it properly. So just add some notes to your plan to have this program always beside you or in your pocket.