Extreme Chest Workout Routines


Rob Riches trains Extreme Chest Workout Routines!

• Doing Extreme Chest Workout Routines, with regard to the mandatory stretching the chest muscles, here you do not have to watch the situation of dumbbells, and the position of the elbow. The more they are, the more stretched pectoral muscles.
• Do not use excessively heavy weights. They will force you to bend the arm at the elbow and lower the elbows well below shoulder level. Moreover, dropping well below the elbows to shoulder level, you carry dangerous focus twisting the shoulders.
• Do the Extreme Chest Workout Routines on a bench with different angles in order to distribute the load across the chest muscle.
• Do not attempt to direct the movement of the hands. High risk of injury to the elbow. However, make sure that throughout the movement angle of the elbow remained stable, bend over the hand (optimal angle of approximately 150 degrees), and the mixing and dilution of hands took place exclusively in the vertical plane passing through the shoulders.
• The exercise is well suited to perform forced reps. Partner must squat at the head of the bench and keep your elbows slight effort.
• Carrying out breeding hands on the simulator for the chest muscles can be stretched over the front group of muscles shoulders and back, on the contrary, hold, thereby increasing the risk of shoulder joint periarthritis. Therefore, we recommend to abandon the use of the simulator, replacing it with the exercises presented in this chapter. Perform any Extreme Chest Workout Routines should be stopped immediately, as soon as you feel pain when making a full range of motion.