Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells

Universal Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells that can be performed either with or without weights.
The order of these exercises should be changed every workout to give your muscles rest. Begin by performing two to three sessions per week, then you can gradually increase the load. But it is important to remember what is important is not the number of loads and their regularity – the only way to achieve significant results.

Classic attacks of Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells:

Standing up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands can rest against the waist or lower them to balance in the process. Next, you need to make a very big step forward and sit down. Leg, which was made a move in the knee bent at a right angle or less, and one that has remained in place, should be rectified.

When Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells is made, and the fixed position for 5-10 seconds, tighten the thigh and back to the starting position. Do not need to exhaust yourself this exercise – take about 5-15 reps on each leg, feel the power of their thighs and buttocks. Some initially difficult to keep his balance, but nothing strange in this. Gradually improve coordination, legs become stronger and keep the correct posture will become easier.

Side lunges:

Side vypadyKak name implies, it has to perform the same as in the previous exercise, not only forward and right and left. Recall that we must try to do as much as possible over a wide step and crouch as low as possible. With a straight push back rack.

Even if you can not sit deep, do not despair and do the exercise on the threshold of effort – and you’ll notice the progress each subsequent workout. Similarly as in the first routine, steps 5 to 15 swings in each direction and proceed to the final exercise.

Lunges ago:

As a result, when you are almost tired, you need to change the mode of operation of the muscles and do about 20 lunges on each leg back. The whole complex attacks contributes to the formation of the leg muscles, joints and gives the tone of the vessels, and also gives a good stretch.

As a result, all three light exercises performed two to four times a week in the morning or in the evening, will raise your spirits and will give dry, lean legs without fat and cellulite. At the same time, the exercise will have to spend on just 5-20 minutes, even if the full range, take your time and rest between exercises.

Strength doing Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells:

The point of these exercises in an effective and rapid development of muscles.
Pick up the dumbbells and perform about 15 squats with your back straight without dropping below the hips knees. Rest between sets – only about 30 seconds, and for the full effect you need to do 3-4 sets.

The outer surface of the thigh is trained using a foot abduction amortization tape. Great straining thighs and buttocks Home Leg Workout with Dumbbells retraction position on all fours. And if you tie a ribbon just below the knee and implement complex plies, it is possible to achieve excellent esthetic parameters in inner thigh muscles.