Intense 13 Min Home Abs Workout

Abdominal exercises at home for girls.

So we give a few of the most effective exercises for the press for the girls. They must perform on the floor. If you are uncomfortable, use a yoga mat or fitness. In no case do not exercise on a bed or sofa: you are unlikely to pump up the press, but will gain additional problems with the loin.

Classic curling
Lie on your back.
Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor (the second option – Cast leg on the sofa so that the thigh and calf formed between a straight or a sharp corner).
Put your hands behind your head, but do not squeeze them into the castle.
On the exhale, slowly begin to raise the upper torso.
Straining press, trying to tear off the floor of the blade.
Hold the highest position for 1-2 seconds, and breathe slowly return to starting.
Try not to drop the head on the floor: in this case, the abdominal muscles will be in constant tension, and the exercise will be more effective.
Drying telya girls

To see the fruits of their labor in the gym, see the beautiful muscles and blocks the press need to be dried. How to do it girl, what do the exercises, how to eat, you will find it all here.
And how combined sex and class in the gym, you will learn from this article.
Too low percentage of body fat girls – this is the way to disease. Since adipose tissue is involved in all metabolic processes. Correctly determine the percentage of fat and what it should be, this article will help.
Classic curling well pumped longitudinal abdominal muscles.

An important caveat: lift housing abdominal muscles, not your hands. If you feel that you are helping yourself, keep your hands in fists at ear level.