Leg Workout for Women at GYM


One great Leg Workout for Women at GYM!

There are two effective ways to get slim legs and buttocks round: training (regular) and proper nutrition.
If you have thin legs and you want them to “draw” – gain muscles, nutrition is just as important as training. But it does not eat everything to gain weight. Meals should be correct, with an excess of calories due to the “healthy” food.
The most important exercises for the legs and buttocks, as with any training – correct technique. Errors in Leg Workout for Women at GYM may not only lead to injury, but the desired effect you get, as the muscle will not work correctly. At home you can learn the technique in the video, and self-control with the help of a mirror. In the gym newcomer is best to take at least a couple of lessons from the trainer, it will save a lot of time and effort.

Squats – basic exercise that is used to recruit muscle legs and buttocks in every Leg Workout for Women at GYM.
If you want to lose weight in the legs, do squats with a barbell in low repeat mode (15-20 times, 3 sets) with small weights. If you are a beginner, along with losing weight will increase a little muscle. No need to be afraid of, with a deficit of calories no exercises will give you a strong muscle growth.
If on the contrary, you want to increase the volume of the buttocks and thighs at the expense of muscle mass (and not fat!). Do Squats with weights that more than 10-12 times in a row do not turn out. Beginners are strongly encouraged to use the services of an experienced coach. If not properly work the technique, not only lost efficiency, but also increases the risk of injury.


Bending the Leg Workout for Women at GYM:
• Bending the legs in the simulator help to give an additional burden biceps and glutes, while not burdening the back.
• Proper Technique;
• Lie face down on a bench, his knees hanging from the edges of the pillow;
• legs get under ridges, hands, grasp the handle in front;
• bend your knees, straining buttocks and hamstring.

Proper Technique of Leg Workout for Women at GYM:
• Stand with your back to the bench at a distance of approximately 1 st step;
• your right foot is on the bench heel up, the left front and slightly bent at the knee;
• perform squats down on the left leg to the thigh parallel to the floor, the knee does not go toe (if not, adjust the distance from the bench to the front legs).