Mass Back Workout in GYM with Ronnie Coleman


Have you ever do Mass Back Workout in GYM with Ronnie Coleman ? This is it!

During the traction to the bent-over rows in every Mass Back Workout in GYM your legs and head should always be fixed. In particular this applies to the floor body inclination – torso should be parallel to the floor above and below the line of 30 degrees with the horizontal.
Taking its original position, make sure that you are standing on the floor is stable. Feet should be shoulder width apart or slightly wider, otherwise not be able to firmly occupy the correct position of the body during the execution of traction.
Note the grip: the distance between the brushes should be slightly wider than shoulder width. This will do the exercise for more amplitude, raising the elbows over the back.
Raise your elbows as high as possible. In the upper position they must be above the level of the back. The higher the elbows are raised, the more pumped back muscles.
At the beginning of the Mass Back Workout in GYM the main load is concentrated on the bottom of lat. But as soon as the level of the elbows are back and you start to draw your shoulders back, load up the focus shifts: on top of the broadest, trapezoid and rhomboid muscles.
Keep the natural curvature of the spine throughout the exercise (back slightly caved in the back, chest and straightening). In no case do not slouch your back and keep your lower back straight while performing traction. It’s traumatic.
Do not use too heavy weight. This will break the technique exercises.
To use more upper back (rear delts, rhomboids, trapezius and upper lat) pull the bar to your chest and point your elbows outward. This is a more complex version of the exercise.
Feet should always be slightly bent at the knees. If you raise the bar on straight legs, then you will be forced to stoop, which can not be tolerated.


Mass Back Workout in GYM with Ronnie Coleman



Bent-over rows is a great exercise for the lat muscles. But the thing! If you are new and have not yet got a strong loin heavy rod you will never submit to.


Install the Smith machine’s neck to mid-thigh height. Take the position of lying on the floor under the stamp. Then just lift the body and grasp the neck wide grip right. Then you need to statically stretch the body and take a position on Davis low-floor building on the heel. From this starting position and do the traction, trying to pull yourself to the bar as high as possible.