Mass Building Shoulder Workout


Mass Building Shoulder Workout with Rob Riches

Lifting arms with dumbbells forward – isolation exercise on the front beam of the deltoid muscle, simultaneously activated and medium beam.

Technique exercises of Mass Building Shoulder Workout:
In the initial position the dumbbells in front of thighs and almost touch them. The trunk – smoothly, but the hands are almost straight (but not completely) and locked at the elbows until the end of the set.
Dumbbells can be kept as a top grip (palms are aimed at the hip) and neutral (palms facing each other).
Take a breath and holding his breath, raise your arms in front of him. Do not allow movement at the elbow – bend hands and straighten them up to lock the elbows. All traffic is concentrated exclusively in the shoulder joint.
During lifting dumbbells do not reduce or dilute the hand. The distance between the dumbbell always shall be constant equal to the width of the shoulders or a little less.
Raise the dumbbells to shoulder level or higher. Reaching the top, exhale and slowly lower the dumbbells.
Pause briefly and do the following recurrence.
Tips on proper technique of the exercise:

Do not use the force of inertia, especially sagging waist. Perform slow, controlled movements.
Do not round the chest, and do not slouch. Keep the chest and shoulders straightened. Lower blades and takes them anteriorly and laterally.

Frequent mistakes and recommendations for Mass Building Shoulder Workout:
To make the front delts work in full force, using relatively heavy weights and lift them to shoulder level or slightly higher. If you want even more to hit the delta, hold dumbbells neutral grip (palms facing each other, and raise your hands at 45 degrees above the horizontal passing through the shoulders.

The front beam and the front half of the average beam deltas begin to perform the lion’s share of the work from the moment when the arm deviates from the vertical at 45 degrees, until the moment when the arm above shoulder level for the same 45 degrees. Moreover, in front of the top point of the delta are reduced to the maximum. If you lift weights even higher, the focus is shifting load on the trapeze and the serratus anterior muscle. Exercise is also strongly engages the top of the pectoral muscles, but only as long as the weights have not risen above the level of the shoulders.
To focus more load on the front of the delta, hold the dumbbell grip on top.