Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM


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The muscles of the upper extremity are divided into the muscles of the shoulder and arm muscles. The muscles of the shoulder, in turn, are divided into two groups – the anterior (flexor) and posterior (extensor).


Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM


For training with Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM, the front group is made up of three muscles:
• rostral-shoulder
• biceps
• shoulder muscle.

The rear group consists of:
• triceps muscle
• anconeus


Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM


The front group of shoulder muscles.

Coracobrachialis muscle.
Coracobrachialis muscle starts from the top of the coracoid process, moves into a flat tendon that attaches below the crest of a small hillock to the humerus, at the level of attachment of the tendon of the deltoid muscle.
Primary Function: shoulder flexes in the shoulder joint, and leads him to the body. Participates in turn arm outwards (if arm pronated). If the shoulder fixed, muscle pulls the scapula forward and downward.


Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM


Biceps, or the biceps.

Biceps, or the biceps has two heads – short and long.
Short head start with coracobrachialis muscle on the top of the scapula coracoid. The long head originates from epiarticular tubercle blades tendon, which runs through from top to bottom capsule of the shoulder joint and is on his shoulder, which lies in the intertubercular furrow. At the level of the shoulder, both heads are connected to the common spindle-shaped abdomen, which goes into the tendon attaches to the tuberosity of the radius.

Primary Function with Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM: flexes the shoulder of the shoulder joint; flexes the forearm at the elbow; turned inside forearm turns out.


Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM


Shoulder muscles.

Shoulder muscles starting from the bottom two-thirds of the body of the humerus between the deltoid tuberosity and the joint capsule of the elbow joint, the medial and lateral intermuscular septa shoulder. Attached to the tuberosity of the ulna. Bunches deepest part of the muscle tendon woven into the capsule of the elbow joint.

Primary Function: flexes the forearm at the elbow joint.


Rear shoulder muscle group.

Rear shoulder muscle group is represented by the triceps muscle and elbow muscles.


Triceps – strongly developed muscles, it takes the back surface of the shoulder throughout; respectively, the title has three heads. The lateral and medial head start on the humerus, and the longest – on the blade.

Primary Function: extends the forearm at the elbow; long head also acts on the shoulder joint, participating in the extension and reduction of the shoulder to the body.


Anconeus triangular begins on the posterior surface of the lateral epicondyle of the shoulder; is attached to the lateral surface of the olecranon, the rear surface of the proximal part of the ulna and the forearm fascia.

Primary Function by Phil Heath Arms Workout at GYM: involved in the extension of the forearm.