Leg Exercise in GYM

Any exercises for the legs start to warm up the muscles. To do this, stretch your foot, turning it and making the slopes of the right and left. Such a procedure will help to avoid muscle strain. If Leg Exercise in GYM running is not suitable for any reason, you can use a reliable and proven way – squats. Start with 20 squats a day, gradually increasing the load. The best option would be when you perform 100 sit-ups a day. Remember that each squat should be performed accurately. This means that you need to keep the back arched, hips – parallel to the floor, the foot – not to take the floor. Of course, at first it will be difficult and it is difficult to do deep knee bends, but eventually you will master the technique. You will achieve the best effect if you squat with the additional load. This may be a dumbbell or barbell. But do not choose too much weight, or you may start to get sick of spin.