Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM


One of the great Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM for every day.

Stabilizing muscles

Legs: hamstrings, glutes, muscle-adductors, rectus femoris.
Trunk: Abdominal c. muscles, muscle, straightening. spine.
Shoulders: The muscles of the shoulder-rotator cuff.
Shoulder blades: Front serratus anterior muscle, rhomboid muscle, the lower parts of the trapezius muscle.
Forearm: flexor wrists.

Preparation level of Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM: advanced

When the position of the thrust rod tilt the main burden falls on the lumbar muscles and latissimus dorsi.

Step 1. Stand so that the distance between the feet is 15-20 cm.

Step 2. Hold the rod neck wide grip from above. Slightly bending the knees, lean forward. Let the bar hang freely in his outstretched hands almost touching shins. Arch your back slightly.

Step 3. Raise the bar until it touches the top of the stamp of the stomach, and then lower it again.

Step 4. Immediately proceed to the next repetition.

During the movement of the hands should be positioned at an angle of 45 ° with respect to the body. All rods to the belt should not help themselves body and movement nogami.Vypolnyayte clean, without jerks. If this does not work, it reduces the curb weight.

Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM

Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM

Advice from Ronnie Coleman Back Excercises in GYM on correct technique:

• Do not use the force of inertia; perform a slow controlled movement at full amplitude.
• Do not slouch or round up the shoulders when performing exercises. Keep the expanded chest and shoulder blades together.
• Do not allow the “rounding” Wed. and lower back. Keep your pelvis in neutrons. position, the spine – direct.
• Inhale as you move up.
If during exercise you feel discomfort in your wrists, change your grip. Changing the grip palms outward increases the range of motion, and removes the burden from the wrists. Slightly arched back can save you from such common injuries like sciatica and displacement of the vertebrae.

There are several variations of thrust in the slope: barbell, dumbbells, rubber expanders. Training with expanders are ideal for the formation of high-speed performance, explosive power, and to recover from injuries. Technique is not different from the thrust rod.