Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells


Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells from Jeff Seid

Front head:
These Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells allow you to selectively pump the front beam, but also the load falls on average. If you want to increase in the volume of the front beam, use in training exercises 1-2, you can change them periodically, to prevent the development of adaptation.
• Bench because of the head
• Lifting arms with dumbbells in front of you
• Link the lower block forward

Back head:
If you have lagged behind the rear beam, Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells will allow maximum use of it. Recommendations for inclusion in the training program are the same as for the front beam.

• Breeding of dumbbells to the sides in the slope
• Thrust dumbbells lying on his stomach
• Return to the breeding simulator Peck-Deck

There is still a large number of Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells for training the shoulder, but they are less effective or redundant (for example, many exercises can be performed on block devices, however, work with free weights is considered to be more productive), so we will not list them in this article, so as not to cause difficulties in the selection of the reader. This list is completely meets the needs of both novice and professional.

The muscles of the shoulder girdle are mainly represented by the deltoid muscle.

Deltoid muscle (m. Deltoideus) – is a thick triangular shaped muscle covering the shoulder joint and muscles of the shoulder part. Her large fan-shaped beams converge to the apex of the triangle pointing down. The muscle starts from the axis of the blade, the acromion and the lateral part of the clavicle and the deltoid tuberosity attaches to the humerus. Under the lower surface of the muscle is located subdeltoid bag.

There are three beams (or head) of the deltoid muscle: front, middle and back (see. Figure).

Primary Function: removes shoulder to the outside to the horizontal plane, with the front beams muscles pull the arm forward and back – back.