Six Pack Abs Core Workout

In order to form a hard press not necessarily clock hanging on the bar upside down, endlessly raise the legs and do hundreds of other exercises.
For in-depth, relief presses requires two things:
• body fat should be below 10%,
• The thickness of the abdominal muscles
And, as you have noticed, the size of the muscle is in second place, but on the ground – a small amount of fat. The fact that the abdomen – this is the place where our body is historically used to accumulate the reserve fat stores. Therefore, if you have a very large supply of the reserve, the way would be great was not developed your abs, and see that no one is destined. OK. Since diet is clear. How about a drill press?

If you have never engaged in the press, you may not know that ups the legs and the body is desirable to complement the various options twist (normal, reverse, etc.). And here’s why:

Anatomically, the rectus abdominis. Throughout their entire has three or four cross-jumper, two – above the navel, one – at the level of the navel – and another – below it. Upper “cubes” (upper press) all develop faster because the basic amount of exercise for the press are various ups torso in the supine position (“twisting”, “crunches”).
“Lower” the press is much more difficult to develop, because the selection of exercises for the press is quite specific, and not always enough ups legs. Do you want a professional secret for the development of the press, lifting the feet – the most useless exercise. To experience the bottom, “cubes” it is necessary to limit the possible footwork and move only the pelvis. Most people do not know this, and year after year, raising legs in futile hopes of developing the lower abs.