The Best Shoulder Exercises at GYM


Your The Best Shoulder Exercises at GYM for massive body!

Bodybuilders are progressing, practicing both in the system of «full body» (total body workout), and in the split-schemes, but for beginners the whole body workout system proved more effective.

Campaigning someone else for increased capacity deltoids, sure, just unnecessarily. As for The Best Shoulder Exercises at GYM, everything is already clear that these relatively small pieces of meat on our shoulders, like nothing else involved in the formation of a powerful silhouette, width-to whom cherished oblique seven feet, and nothing less. But personally, I embrace doubt that everyone achieve the necessary progress in the training of these muscles are to your goal the most reasonable way, avoiding useless “exploits” and “victims”.

It used as a base for the elaboration of exercises of the shoulder girdle. Well do barbell presses in the car Smith because of the head, but for the “shock” replaces them from time to time dumbbells presses while sitting with his back supported with a lot of repetitions. Starting position – sitting. The body upright, loin preserves the natural deflection of the foot rest on the stable floor, dumbbells are at shoulder level. Straightening the arms at the same time raise both dumbbells above your head (to keep the tension in the muscles and protect yourself from injury, straighten your arms to an angle of no more than 170 degrees), then without pause, return them slowly to the starting position. Doing The Best Shoulder Exercises at GYM try to keep the body and legs immobile. Do not Jog. After the 1st exercise trapeze tired and do not interfere with work deltas in full force. Repeat this movement as many times. Variants of using a rod and trainers, as well as in the “standing”. Use of athletic belt, means to strengthen the grip and through fear of the partner is recommended to 4 sets of 12 repetitions.