Leg Workout Routine for Women


Leg Workout Routine for Women for weight loss leg!

Here is the order of the exercises for slimming down. In order to obtain effective results, exercise consistently and must be replaced periodically, so that the muscles do not get used.

Lunges forward:
Stand with your back straight, feet should be shoulder width apart. Hands down the sides of the belt or hold. Take a step forward, crouching down. Corner legs upon which the body is to be 90 degrees. The second leg should be almost straight. Keeping the balance, tighten your thigh muscles, and then return to starting position. For each leg to do 15 reps 2 sets.

Lunges toward:
This exercise is similar to the previous one, is different only in that the leg is not assigned to forward and to the side. Try to do the steps as much as possible and sit as low as possible. To make each leg for 15 reps 2 sets.

Lunges ago:
This exercise helps to bring the muscles in tone. Lunges should be done earlier. This exercise will seem difficult the first two, so I overdo it not worth it.

Swings feet:
Lie on your left side, placing his left hand in front of you, and right on the belt. Stretch your legs and start making swings right leg as high as possible, without bending it. On each Leg Workout Routine for Women it should be 20 -40 Mach 2 – 3 sets.Get on all fours. Hands are placed shoulder-width apart and firmly rests on the floor. Start to lift the left leg, slightly bending it at the knee. Hold this position legs for 2 seconds, and then return to starting position. Repeat 20 times on each leg.

Squats in Leg Workout Routine for Women:
Squats should be done at a moderate pace. Heels do not tear off the floor and keep the legs at right angles. It will be enough to do 20 sit-ups in 3 sets.