TOP 5 Chest Exercises


Here is the real TOP 5 Chest Exercises for your powerful body!

For perhaps the whole history of mankind is well-formed chest was a symbol of courage and heroism, so bodybuilding breast muscles attach particular importance. Dorian Yates believes that the hallmark of bodybuilding is not the biceps as many beginners tend to think but powerful chest! Due to the large amount of muscle requires a lot of training breast calorie consumption, so it is also good for burning excess fat, and it should be considered in the diet. You should know this interesting info before doing your top 5 chest exercises.

The breast is composed of major and minor pectoral muscles. Large pectoral muscle (pectoralis major) – the largest muscles of the chest, it originates on a long distance from the collarbone to the sternum by attaching to the humerus. The main function of the muscles – flexion and adduction of the shoulder, as well as its internal rotation. Small pectoral muscle – is a small triangular shaped muscle, located under the pectoral major, and generally duplicate its functions.