TOP Back Workouts


To build up the back muscles use this TOP Back Workouts, include the training program thrust the upper and lower blocks wide and narrow grip. Once you make heavy basic exercises – deadlifts, Traction rod in the slope, pull-ups – you need to “finish off” the back insulating rods on the blocks.

Pull his head on the high block.
One of the best exercises for the latissimus. Traction unit for a head is more convenient in performance compared to the pull-ups, and the good that allows you to shift the angle of thrust in any direction, thereby cycling more diverse bundles of muscle.

The technique of the pull of a block in the TOP Back Workouts:
• attracting unit self – inhale, straighten your hands – exhale;
• the unit does not pull his hands, and the widest and trapeze – focus on the compression of the back muscles, reducing shovels, using only his hands as the rope;
• include the biceps and shoulders only after compression of the back muscles;
Always keep your back in a straight line, do not slouch or round your lower back.
• can sometimes be a little “wobble”, helping himself to pull the unit all over – but you are taking some of the load with the broadest and trapeze to reach TOP Back Workouts.