TOP Chest Exercises


What do you know about real TOP Chest Exercises?

Chest workouts should take place with a frequency of less than two times a week for beginners (the minimum rest period of 2 days).

Perform 4-8 approaches on the chest (the sum of approaches of all exercises). For beginners enough one or two exercises for three – two approaches, respectively. The optimal number of reps for the chest in order to increase the mass of 10-12 times. To increase the strength of 6-8 times the number of repetitions.

Nursing, like other muscles, it is best to sway the basic exercises, in particular zhimom rod lying on a horizontal or inclined benches and dips. For athletes with less than 2 years, not optimally use isolation exercises.
Anatomically, all the exercises on the chest are horizontal zhimami.

Follow the eccentric phase of the exercise slowly. For maximum effect, you can use the negatives, but not more than 1 TOP Chest Exercises of 3-4 on chest.