On how correctly made training complex, it depends on the overall efficiency of the entire exercise. Especially when it comes to weight training. In this article we will examine the basic principles of the right of the complex on the weight of the triceps and represent, in fact, the complex itself.

The basic principles of the program on the weight of the BEST TRICEP WORKOUT FOR MASS 102:

In our previous articles we discussed the main factors of the growth of muscles, doing that can effectively increase the weight of any muscle group. Since the triceps is no different from other muscles, these factors will touch him.

So, we list the main principles set for the mass of the triceps:

Complex Duration 6-8 weeks. Complex 1 is performed once a week – daily workout biceps and back muscles. Blunder will be the performance of the set on the day of triceps training of the pectoral muscles.
Training triceps should include 3-4 exercises – nothing more and nothing less. It may be 1 basic and 2 isolated exercise, 2 and 1 base isolated exercise, or 2 base 2 and isolated exercises.
Basic complex exercise must be carried out with a maximum weight in the desired number of repetitions. Isolated exercises should be carried out with maximum quality and at a moderate pace, the operating weight is not important.
After the end of the program is recommended to perform a couple of approaches to stretching the triceps.
After a workout, be sure to drink a protein + creatine.

The BEST TRICEP WORKOUT FOR MASS 102 – isolated barbell:

Extension arms with EZ-barbell sitting
The best exercises for the triceps isolated with her weight:

Reverse push-ups
Pushups narrow grip
Top isolated exercises triceps with dumbbells:

Extension of the hands of the head (with a dumbbell)
Extension arms with a dumbbell (in the slope)
The best exercises for the triceps isolated on block simulators:

Bench top to bottom (upper unit)
Extension arms sitting (on the block)
Press down with one hand reverse grip (lower case)
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