Upper Chest Workout – Rob Riches

The basic exercise is called strength training at the same time engage in the work of several muscle groups and the impact on muscle growth by increasing the body’s hormone levels. There are five basic exercises – squats, bench press, standing barbell bench press, the deadlift and pull the belt.
Bench press: the secrets of the art
Since the breast is a large muscle groups, in addition to the mandatory progress in the working balance is important to pay attention not only to the correct exercise technique, but also their diversity, loading pectoral muscles at different angles to their uniform development.
When you bench press not to relax the muscles in the upper and lower points of the movement, did not straighten your elbows and touch the breast bar. Raises the bar up on the 1-2, sink to the 4-6. Dilution of dumbbells is not bringing his hands too close and not dilute them behind his back.
The chest is not growing: 2 Errors
If you train hard chest, but it does not grow and does not get the desired shape, most likely you assume one of two common mistakes – or chase large weights at the expense of technology or train the same bundles chest muscle.
Periodically change the shells to each training session there were two or three non-recurring exercises. Besides giving preference to basic exercises with free weights, and do not focus on fitness equipment suitable for the most complete workout.