Upper Pec Workout at GYM


Make your Upper Pec Workout with Bradley Martyn!

There is nothing wrong in the fact that Arnold’s training methods obsolete. They affect the pecs from all angles, allow you to work with large weights. They are used for many years and “they were milked.” Now is the time for change. Below you will find some new principles of exercise.

Make the bench presses last. Implementation of the first regime means that it will be hard to do that ligaments and tendons will take over most of the load, and for the growth of breast muscles need to work them. Performing bench presses at the end of training, you’ll be tired by the time they get up. You have to work with smaller weights, but it will lead to more muscle growth. In addition, it also means that you will be warmed up, which also increase the safety and training.

Use different angles in Upper Pec Workout. Bench with a slope up and down are common in gyms. The lift on the benches with too steep a slope shifts the load on the rotator cuff and shoulder joints, as well as very heavy delta. Instead of using a bench with the angle 45 degrees, try to work at 20 – 25 degrees.

Make a great number of repetitions in your Upper Pec Workout. Arnold, mostly adhered to the range of 6 – 12 repetitions, but 25-30 repetitions stimulates muscle growth. To prevent muscles from breaking down during a long approach, use the Smith machine. “Denying” little muscle weight after working with a large and well-suited, burning sensation in the muscles of the thoracic – a sign that you have worked to exhaustion every muscle fiber.

And always remember that you should feel your own body to understand what exercise is better for only you.