Six-Pack Home Abs Workout – Bikini

Raising the legs in the vise on the bar. The best exercise is to lower abs!

For his performance you will need a horizontal bar. The essence of the exercise is to lift the legs (straight or bent) above the level of the pelvis. Remember, the higher you lift the leg, the stronger will be able to pump up the bottom press.

So grab hold of the bar. A powerful movement of lift bent knees, trying to get his knees to his chest. Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower your legs. Over time, complicate the exercise and lift straight leg. During this exercise, try to avoid rocking the body. The number of repetitions 2-3 approach.

Exercise the lower press

You can do all the exercises on the lower press and by two or three. Start with training 2 times a week and gradually bring up to 3-4 times. Do not forget to do exercises for the upper press.

Do cardio, to pump up the bottom press

In order to press the cubes were well manifested, it is necessary in addition to strength training, as described above, to perform cardio workouts. Then you will not have any chance of fat in the lower abdomen. That’s one of the best cardio workouts. It can be performed, for example, in the morning before breakfast.

Modern women want to have a strong press. Men are known to prefer slim girls. If you ask for, their mutual desire to meet quite real. But first it is necessary to study the useful information regarding the strengthening of the press in girls. Otherwise, you can spend a lot of energy, but does not achieve the result and undermine health.

Basic rules are important to follow when pumping media:

define time sports, it is better if they go through the day (not desirable to overload the muscles);
in the first days of training tune in an average load, it increases gradually in accordance with the possibilities of man;
popular option, assuming 3 approach to exercise when 10-15kratnom repetition;
It is preferable to perform a set of exercises in the morning.
In terms of recommendations, the first of them concerns the adjustments in diet. We’ll have to reduce the reception of oily and sweet food, give preference to products with protein. It is believed that it is better have smaller portions, but more often. And start doing the exercises can be after a couple of hours after eating.

Place for strengthening media selected as desired. But do not bend your back, it is best to stay on a special mat or the floor (as in the photo).

Traditional exercises

When inflating the press usually selected complexes that have worked on the muscle groups of the abdomen. Effectiveness of the options considered for the press following uprazhneniya.uprazhnenie

Working with the top part of the press is performed from a prone position on the back. The bent leg is conveniently located at shoulder width, foot rest on the floor. Loins touches the solid surface, his hands behind his head is removed. Inhalation is required to lift the body to the knees, keeping your back. As you exhale, the body returns to its original position.
In order to strengthen the bottom of the female press needs support (sofa, chair, bed). Lying on your back you need to grab her hands in order to avoid moving the body. Inhalation is required to raise the leg at a right angle
Exercise presspo lower relative to the floor. During exhalation, you need to go back to its original position. It is important to eliminate the possibility of sagging back.
With increasing oblique muscles retained a starting position near the support. Only dipped legs raised up and not directly reject the left and right.

How to build a press to cubes?

People who used to watch her figure is constantly improving. Press with cubes – is not only an attractive body, but also the result of constant training. To get the result will have to leave the usual order of nutrition and diet, tune into training with increasing load on the muscles during the next 2 months.

The process is characterized by the formation of women’s cubes press? It takes more time. After the constitution of the organism girl has a genetic feature – cubes under a layer of fat in the abdominal area. The fair sex should forget about fatty foods, sweet drinks, easily digestible carbohydrates (the list of fast carbohydrates). If you have excess weight, you have to simultaneously jogging, plavaniempress cubes girl or aerobics. Read also about the benefits of running.

The complex of exercises for women inflation cubes press has some nuances.

Strengthening news (top and bottom) techniques described above, the number of repetitions is adjusted up to 50 times with 2 approaches.
Simultaneous with the upper and lower pressure is from lying position on the back, hands along a body. At the next inhalation lift body and legs at an acute angle (2 × 50 manipulations).
Train oblique muscles requires special attention. From the position of lying on the back (of the foot on the floor, legs bent, hands behind his head) raised body. This in turn during 30 repetitions and 2 approaches are drawn to the right knee left elbow and left knee to your right elbow.
Similarly, it performed “bicycle”. From the same position should be to carry out a circular motion legs (like riding a bike), so that took out the left elbow right knee, right elbow and left knee met.
With proper and regular exercise doing the result is bound to come!