Top 5 Bicep Workouts with Dumbbells

bicep workouts with dumbbells

The main reason for training plateau – a muscular adaptation to stress. The basic top 5 bicep workouts with dumbbells offer, as a rule, the average intensity of the training continuously, causing the muscles to get used to physical activity and exercise is seen as a normal job, which does not cause the body’s need for muscle hypertrophy. This fact creates a need for an additional load (so-called principle of shocking), which will stimulate the muscles to grow.

Complex special techniques for creating overload is highlighted in a special training category – high-intensity training, as well as stand alone exercises Pumping. The program of top 5 best bicep workout with dumbbells will help you to have great massive and prominent biceps muscles.

  • Perform 1-2 high intensity exercise (including Pumping) per muscle group.
  • High-intensity exercise is recommended to perform on one training from 3-4, or you re-adapt the muscles.
  • Change the high-intensity exercises from one workout to the next.

Using overload in your top biceps workout at home with dumbbells – is the basis for the increase of any parameter of physical fitness (strength, muscle volume, endurance, etc). In its implementation muscles each time forced to work harder in comparison with the regime to which they are accustomed. To increase muscle mass tends progressively increasing weight. To increase local muscular endurance in a progressive manner reduces the time of rest between sets, or increase the number of repetitions. The concept of progressive overload is the basis of all sports and training is fundamental.

Another powerful technique in dealing with adaptation – the method of variable intensity training. Its essence lies in the fact that all the exercise tested at three levels of intensity: heavy training (90% of maximum intensity), medium (70%) and light (50%). Intensity refers primarily weight, the number of sets and approaches, as well as the speed of the exercise can be left unchanged. Carry out training in the following order: easy – medium – hard – easy – medium – hard, and so on.