In the formation of the shoulder is involved one major muscle – the deltoid, except the back of the shoulder forms a trapezoid muscle.
Most professional bodybuilders pay special attention to shoulder workouts, as it not only increases the width, but also emphasizes the biceps and triceps, making the hand more relief, so the work on the shoulders need not only professionals, but also all the bodybuilders in general.
Another important reason that dictates the need for shoulder workouts – a high incidence of injuries of the shoulder joint. Many bodybuilders are faced with this problem, because the shoulder joint is involved in many exercises, so damage to the latter quite common and can be a serious obstacle to the good results. Proper shoulder workouts help to strengthen and stabilize the joint ligaments, thereby protecting it against injuries, moreover, for prevention of injury must strictly observe the exercise equipment.
Shoulder is one of the most difficult in terms of body parts to train. First of all, this is due to the complexity of the structure of the deltoid muscle, which has three beam (head): Front, medial (middle), and rear.
So actually there is no exercise, which could shoulder load evenly and completely. Shoulder workouts should include a variety of shoulder exercises to different bundles of muscles, great importance is the position of the body.
Shoulder workouts consists of basic shoulder exercises and isolation. Basic exercises involve more than one beam may include deltas trapezoid isolated exercises are generally directed into separate beams. Based on this, all newcomers are recommended basic exercises, as the backlog of one of the beams need to add isolation exercises. Remember that on the effectiveness of the basic exercise is far preferable to isolation.

shoulder workout with dumbbells at home shoulder workout with dumbbells at home

Shoulder workout with dumbbells at home involve muscles: three beam deltoids. Muscles working bench dumbbell sitting with the rotation of the brush: Deltoid. Trapezoid. Triceps. At home shoulder workout with dumbbells – one of the most popular exercises in bodybuilding. Shawn Ray considers it “a dinner for all three beams deltoids.” According to many professionals,…

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