Rear Shoulder Workout by Jeff Seid

rear shoulder workout

Have you seen this rear shoulder workout by Jeff Seid? Bench presses from the head – an exercise for the development of the shoulders, which loads the deltoid muscle: medium beam with an emphasis on the front and upper part of the trapezius muscles, triceps and serratus anterior muscle.

Technique of Exercises for Rear Shoulder Workout with Jeff Seid

Put the neck of the bar on the shoulders of his head. Keep your back straight, do not slouch and not caving in much lower back. Protect yourself from injury by placing the neck of the bar on the bar. There are many simulators that allow to carry out this exercise in a simplified form and secure environment.

A special challenge is the position of the elbow. When performing exercises, like in the rest position, the elbows should be precisely classified as rods. At the top of the amplitude of the neck should be over your head.

Warning about best rear shoulder workout! To avoid injuries of the shoulder joints, which are in this exercise particularly vulnerable, may be modified technique of movement, lowering the bar on the level of the neck of the neck, so far as the degree of mobility of the joints.

This exercise can be performed either standing or sitting. You can also change the width of the grip. It makes no sense to lift a heavy barbell from the floor at the beginning of each approach. If you do exercise standing, place the barbell on the rack. Remove it from the racks, standing back to them.

Those racks should be used when the bench of the bar because of the head while sitting. Put a gymnastic bench (with or without backrest) between the legs and pull them to the height from which you would be convenient to take the post. Then you will only draw a neck and shoulders, sitting, straighten your back. And the last but not least, don’t forget about rear delt shoulder workout.