You should not do biceps workouts every day because your muscles are not used to heavy loads, develop them gradually. For example, start with 3 workouts a week for an hour, and do not forget that muscles like a large number of repetitions and exercises through force – it will not only create the relief of muscle, but also contribute to the growth of the biceps.
• Biceps enough to train 1 every 1-2 weeks. Do not do this more often, because the muscles will not have time to recover, and growth is possible only if a full recovery.
• It is a mistake to believe that the arms muscles the best choice is to isolate. Biceps, like other muscles, it is best to sway the basic workouts, such as pull-ups narrow grip, pull the tilt of reverse grip, and lifting on a biceps standing. For athletes with less than 2 years of age are not optimally use isolation bicep exercises.
• The optimal number of repetitions for biceps mass 8 – 12, to increase the strength of 6 – 8.
• Set should last about 1 minute. Take in one workout about 2-3 sets (sets the amount of exercise).
• Perform a single training 1 – 2 exercises for biceps mass.
• To avoid muscle adaptation, try to change the set of exercises every 2 – 4 training. For beginners it can be done less often.
• One of the most effective motivating factors – a progressive increase in the load. Gradually add on weight every 1 – 3 workout.
• For maximum biceps workouts use techniques of super workout.
• In a split can train your biceps with triceps, shoulders, arms, back or chest.