Biceps Workout with Ronnie Coleman

Biceps Workout with Ronnie Coleman

Beautiful hands with bulky muscles have long been considered a symbol of strength, and for the first time getting to the gym, most men tend to inflate it biceps. But sometimes get results is not easy, so you need good biceps workout. One of the best is biceps workout with Ronnie Coleman.

Many men think that in order to pump up your biceps strong enough to just pick up a heavy dumbbell. But in fact, these muscles require special attention. In order not to waste time in the gym and in vain not to ask yourself the question: “Why not grow your biceps?”. You must first find a suitable for you bicep workouts for mass. Only then can your hands reach the desired volume, and you – the envy and admiration of others.

For many athletes best bicep workout has become an unhealthy obsession. Biceps – the most valuable thing a man and one of the most desirable parts of the male body for many women.

9 out of 10 athletes almost perform clock of lifts and other exercises for the biceps muscle to the resolute and stern expression on his face, just to add at least 1 santimentr to the volume of the biceps. Some people spend a lot of time in a bent position by performing concentrated ups and watching the process in a mirror, the other even before going to a night club during the holidays raise the dumbbells in a hotel room. There are those who have to buy T-shirts spends more time than their wives to choose blouses, in the hope that one of them hands will look better and better.

And now the big question: if 9 out of 10 guys are obsessed with observing how to grow their biceps, and devote so much time of their training if they use a lot of techniques such as forced reps, drop-sets and equipment 21, the effectiveness of which support professional bodybuilders why they still have nothing to show? Why not grow their biceps? Can i use bicep workout at home?

If you do not grow your biceps what to do and how to achieve the desired volume? We will begin work on the bugs!

Why Don’t Grow Your Biceps? Some Errors When Training Biceps with Ronnie Coleman

Let’s look at five of the most common problems with bicep training before you move on to the step by step program that will raise your biceps to new heights.

  • Problem №1 – Bigger is not always better.

If doing 4 sets is better than 3, then why not do all 10? Or better yet, why not train them all day? The answer is obvious, but still needs to be repeated: less is better. Especially if you are genetically disposed to building muscle.

Now is not the time to torture your biceps. Remember, the purpose of each strength training – to surpass the previous one. If you have added an extra kilogram or repetition of a single exercise for the biceps muscle, which means it’s time to move on to the next level.

  • Problem №2 – The most important appearance of the biceps after a workout, not during it.

This problem is related to the problem number 1, and especially for those who are obsessed with weight exercises biceps. For continuous load on the biceps, even with not very heavy weight muscles swell and increase in size, which attracts many visitors to the gym. Such attention causes a feeling of satisfaction and the knowledge that you are doing something useful, but it is misleading.

Blood in your muscles should be delayed as long as possible, otherwise there will muscle growth. So, if you spend training with weight that does not overload the muscles and emphasizes the increase in strength, biceps will quickly return to normal.

  • Problem №3 – Lack of training to increase the overall strength.

Some big guys do not train their own hands! They focus their attention on the increase in the chest, back and shoulders. What kind of growth in the biceps are we talking about? But if you just focus on increasing the weight on the deadlift, push-ups and pull-ups, believe me, your biceps will grow proportionately.

  • Problem №4 – Use the same exercises.

Once learned how to pump up your biceps or the other exercises, many athletes continue for years to perform the same movement.

You can bet, saying that every professional bodybuilder will put the beginner to build huge muscles two simple exercises for biceps weight – lifting barbells and dumbbells. According to the professionals, these rises built more huge hands than any other exercise in the world. It is a reliable foundation for a training program, but we should remember that professional bodybuilders take steroids, and therefore have an excellent response in almost all exercises that do. We’re with you, to get the desired biceps have to excel!

As long as you increase the weight and number of repetitions to achieve the ideal form, your hands should continue to grow. The goal – to perform lifting barbell biceps with a weight of 50 kg and lifts dumbbells with a weight of 23 kg for a few slow sets, during which the body is not shaken.

When you exercise in order to perform lifting barbell with a weight of 50 kg, try to keep the post in two ways. You will have to slightly reduce its normal operating weight in the exercise for the biceps muscle, but still, yet you will not raise the desired weight, use the following options.

Lifting barbell biceps narrow grip: here you engage the outside of the biceps, elbows turned outwards and using a very narrow grip.

Barbell curls wide grip: switch on the inside of the biceps, taking the bar very wide grip and turning your elbows close to your body (keeping them fixed).

Raising the bar on a biceps standing reverse grip: engage the shoulder and brachioradialis muscle, performing upgrades reverse grip or good old rises in the style of “the hammer”.

  • Problem №5 – Insufficient load on the muscles.

Knowing that you need to pump, many do not know how to pump up your biceps and do not distinguish between the concept of isolating and conventional exercises. They do not know how to make muscles work and get tired. Instead, in the gym can see a lot of swinging, impulsive and careless lifts displacement weight of any part of the body other than the one that actually want to work.

Meanwhile, in order to pump up your biceps, you need to maintain a constant tension in the muscles, which means that you should never give your muscles a break opportunity. The rod must be constantly on the move, without stopping at the top or at the bottom. Focus on the neck compression and do not let biceps relax until the end of the set. Your muscles will cry, but you will be relentless.

The Program Biceps Workout

Below is an example of a 4-week program to develop the biceps. The purpose of our exercise on biceps to prevent oxygen to the muscles, thereby causing a surge of anabolic hormones that promote muscle growth. For training, choose a slower pace: 3-0-3 or 4-0-4.

Pay attention to the simple structure of the training program biceps. This training is perfect for those who work with large weights. The total amount may be low for a man accustomed to the traditional split-program and has extensive experience in bodybuilding.

The program is based on the principle of priority for the first workout especially bicep workouts for men. Please note that your muscles work priorities at the start of this exercise the biceps and the beginning of the week. This does not happen by accident. We deliberately give the opportunity to train biceps in their most “hot” time – at the beginning of the week and at the beginning of the workout.