Biceps Workouts for Mass: Ripped Natural Biceps

biceps workouts for mass

Almost all professional bodybuilders are different phenomenal development of the biceps. On the one hand, this is the result of natural selection and biceps workouts for mass: in bodybuilding better reach those who shoulder is fairly short and biceps mounted low enough. And on the other – the result of the application of pharmacology. But, according to a very well-known athlete, almost all the “pros” at some stage of preparation used in the injection synthol biceps.

Like it or not, it is difficult to verify we assume that there has been a combination of two factors. In any case, the hand of professionals – more than 52-53 centimeters in volume biceps, even if we are talking about is not very tall athletes. We still do not need much, so the synthol we will not keep it.

Training Biceps Strategy for Mass

  • Strategy №1: “Faster, faster!”

Ironically, biceps best responds to the speed of repetition. Approval of many experts that the muscle growth is best to use a slow and controlled by the work here is not quite in the topic. From the first strategy: try to use when training biceps as quickly as possible recurrence, and, in a positive and in a negative phase. However, towards the latter can apply the principle of variability, alternating rapid lowering weights slow. In a similar style trains biceps twice “Mr. Olympia” Jay Cutler. At the same time Jay does not shrink and easy “cheating” by helping yourself body movements. Without them quickly raise and lower the weight complicated.

  • Strategy №2: “Take maximum!”

In this case, we will use high-volume training is not just in relation to the biceps and it size! About 20 sets (and more). For bicep workout for mass, selected from every conceivable exercise the ones that you are most suitable (though these exercises for biceps tend to copy each other, differing only in the starting position and grip). Use a small weight to complete the entire planned scope of work. It is not necessary to do all the sets in a row – can be diluted with biceps training exercises to other muscle groups. The expression “Take maximum!” applies both to work on the biceps during one single training session and training on the stretch of microcycle. 3,4 and even 5 best bicep workout for mass during the week can be considered the norm. Months of hard work, followed by 7-10 day vacation – and you will definitely see the growth of the biceps.

  • Strategy №3: “Sea of ​​blood”

For the growth of the biceps to find the section of the range of motion in which you will feel it most strongly. Finding a site excluded from the range of motion all the rest. As a rule, the biceps is the upper half of the range. And yet – try at the highest point further reduce biceps – load it must be constant. Strain biceps and in the breaks between sets. All this will enable pumped into the biceps as much blood and, therefore, dramatically increase the delivery of nutrients to the destination and to increase the number and thickness of the capillaries in the muscles. A thickness of the muscle is determined not only by the thickness of the muscle fibers, but the number and thickness of which are located in the muscle of the blood vessels.

An interesting technique can be pre-injection and the blood closer to the biceps, that is anticipating the work the biceps “pampingovy” training his antagonist – triceps. In order to help the growth of the biceps and a reception as training on the wiring. In this case, we are talking about a temporary cessation of blood flow from the working muscles, which dramatically increases the release of growth factors in the blood. Rubber bands (it is sold in every pharmacy) superimposed above the biceps and tightened so as to slow the outflow of blood, but do not interfere with the movement. Training biceps performed in a very condensed amplitude – shorter than its upper half.

  • Strategy № 4: “Method cuckoo”

The key to the growth of the biceps muscle, and can be considered, which is located underneath – brachialis. Developing brachialis, as it pushes you out biceps – so growing up cuckoo pops out of the socket of its “pivot” brothers and sisters. It is best to graze brachialis barbell curls or dumbbell pronirovanym (thumbs down) or neutral (fingers to the body) grip.

Such exercise is not that much, but enough. Among them: barbell curls reverse grip – they can perform, both with direct and with EZ-vulture sitting with a barbell on your lap or on a bench Scott curls with a dumbbell in the style of “the hammer”, curls on the lower block with cable grip, curls on the top block reverse grip standing or lying down. Interestingly, the weight on the brachialis should be more than pumped biceps and do exercises to perform better slowly and under control.

Biceps acts as a stabilizer when performing many of the exercises. Among them – the bench press, especially the reverse grip, dips. Obtained in such exercises indirect load, of course, replace the direct work on the muscle can not but help to grow biceps will very good. Considerably loaded biceps and when performing pull-ups – in all its forms, but especially the reverse grip. Hence the advice: never neglect lying and dips.