Good Bicep Workouts with Rob Riches

Good Bicep Workouts with Rob Riches

Now about the most delicious. On how to build good bicep workouts with Rob Riches. What should pay attention to?

Technique exercises. It must be in charge of the training. Rehearsed to perfection mechanics of movement for 3-4 workouts with small weights, slowly picking up the working (basic exercises to help).

Be able to feel the muscles working and disable the auxiliary. All exercises on hand there is a temptation to help yourself, or the force of inertia of the body. Perform flexion or extension only in the working joints in a fixed position of the body feeling the muscle that performs the work that you and train.

Do not give arms to excessive load. Perform for 10 sets for good biceps workout impractical – it does not grow from this, he is likely to be thinking about how not to die – the growth stops, the state pays you provided (when there is no growth, no progress weights).

Ignoring progression loads. We have said that the muscles of the arms – are the same muscles in our body and they grow on the same principles as the rest. I send you to the study of articles about the principles of muscle growth.

What Techniques To Make Bicep Workouts with Rob Riches ?

You should be familiar with concepts such as drop set, forced reps, negatives, etc. These things will help pretty easy to destroy your arm muscles, and you’ll have to forget about their training for at least one and a half or two weeks before full recovery (with the exception of all the exercises which involved hand during this period). The strategy is so-so, but it works.

Using super-techniques in the good biceps workout. And now to the fact that closer to reality. Super Series – is when you perform two exercises, one after the other without stopping. The hand on the weight training we have to slightly modify this principle. We will perform one exercise to the biceps, making the standard pause rest, then do the exercise triceps, pause again and return to the biceps.

Why it would work? You increase the rest time for one group of muscles. This is a prerequisite for better recovery and the ability to perform more work (to give more stress). Biceps, triceps – a muscle antagonists. Training triceps you actively restore the biceps, and vice versa. Improves blood flow in the biceps, recovery is better and faster. The muscles do not cool down.

Alternating operation may be different. For example, the approach to the biceps, pause, rest, approach triceps, etc. Or so the first exercise for biceps, triceps exercise is the first, the second exercise for biceps, triceps second exercise.

100% of the scheme in bodybuilding not. You have to choose the best option for themselves empirically. With regard to where to start with the biceps and triceps are also no concrete answer. Doing good bicep workouts at home without weights is probably unreal and you need to go to the gym, where is the whole equimpent you need. Usually beginners start with the biceps, triceps continue, but it should not be an axiom. For you it may be the work of the triceps primarily a good warm-up for the biceps, so look at the response of the body.

The program is a lot of hands on training. Start training always basic movements, also using good bicep workouts with dumbbells. For the biceps are “conditional”: raising the bar for biceps; a hammer; Scott bench, lifting dumbbell exercise sitting or standing minor. For triceps basic movements are: narrow grip bench press lying; dips with an emphasis on the triceps.

Minor exercises for the triceps will be all sorts of variations of the French regime (standing, lying down) and extension arms on the block. The program itself is a workout might look like (basic version): raising the bar for biceps 3-4 approach 6 reps; bench press narrow grip lying 3-4 sets of 6 reps; hammer 3-4 sets of 7-8 reps on; dips 3-4 sets of 8 reps.

Advanced level: raising the bar for biceps 3-4 approach 6 reps; bench press narrow grip lying 3-4 sets of 6 reps; raising the bar for biceps on the bench by Scott 3-4 6-8 reps approach; French bench press 3-4 sets of 6-8 reps; the rise of the biceps with dumbbells sitting on an incline bench 3-4 sets of 7-8 reps on; Extension arms to block 3-4 sets of 7-8 reps on.

Why do so few reps? In order for you to take more weight that you yourself do not feel sorry small weights. Do not forget to perform an overall bicep workouts with Rob Riches, warm-up approaches (for more on this) and cool down – increase the effectiveness of your training. An important digression: technique exercises should be ideal. In the last 1-2 reps you should feel the approach to failure, but clearly perform all the planned repetition.