Shoulder Workout with Dumbbells at Home

shoulder workout with dumbbells at home

Shoulder workout with dumbbells at home involve muscles: three beam deltoids. Muscles working bench dumbbell sitting with the rotation of the brush:

  1. Deltoid.
  2. Trapezoid.
  3. Triceps.

At home shoulder workout with dumbbells – one of the most popular exercises in bodybuilding. Shawn Ray considers it “a dinner for all three beams deltoids.” According to many professionals, “pump” deltoids without Shoulder workouts at gome with dumbbells is almost impossible. Most coaches believe that this exercise is, above all, the front load beams deltoids, secondarily already connected to the medium delts and back of the shoulder gets altogether insignificant share of the load.

Technique Shoulder Workouts at Home Sitting

The elbows should be strictly under the brush across the range of motion. In this case, weights will move along an arcuate path slightly converging at the top. Dumbbell bench press is performed seated with both hands simultaneously. Bench exhale (in the most severe point) is lowered – a breath.

Reversal of brushes do not need; the initial position is the same as if you held the neck of the bar, but not in front of him, and at the sides, at shoulder height. The starting point of a dumbbell bench press vultures should not be too low, or the delta, “covered with” the shoulder joint, and it is – a very disadvantageous position for this exercise.

The elbows should not push forward, do not bend your back, do not lean back, even if difficult.

The arms move in a single plane, the load is not shifted from the middle to the front deltas. Pick appropriate weight (operating weight).

Make a small pause at the top and at the bottom – only to change direction. Follow the movement with the acceleration, but do not straighten the arms at the top with a jerk – it can adversely affect the elbows. Lower under control, preparing for the next repetition.