Best Dumbbell Shoulder Exercises

best dumbbell shoulder exercises

In this article we will speak about the best dumbbell shoulder exercises. Main tips to this type of training:

  • Use the same weight in every workout. When you can do in the latter approach more times than you do now – add a bit of weight.
  • Train 2 minutes Scheme 6 weeks. Then rest a week and go to 6 repetitions in all the approaches of the first 3 exercises for each of the 2 days, increasing the weight. Train so even 5-6 weeks.
  • So, after 4.5 months of this training you will become so much wider, more and more, that now can not even imagine. I repeat: the main condition – to plow the conscience and become stronger.
  • Adding in the beginning of the first training squats on shoulders, bending lying down and any exercise for the calves, and in the beginning of the second – deadlifts and hyperextension – get high-performance program for the construction of the entire body.

In the best dumbbell shoulder exercises for mass beginners can simply add to the top of one of the days, deadlifts and hyperextension, and the other – squats and exercise on eggs. Thus, the whole body will be involved with each workout.

Day 1

  • Bench press – 3x 8.
  • Pull-ups for your head – 3x 8.
  • Dips – 2-3x 8-10.
  • Wiring, lying on his chest at an angle of 30-35 – 2-3x 8-10.

Day 2

  • Squats – 3x 8 (or as you see fit).
  • Spawn – 3x 8-10.
  • Lifting on a biceps or “hammer” – 3x 8.
  • Press – 2x 10-15.

Day 3

  • Press of dumbbells sitting – 3×8.
  • Deadlift – 3x 8 (or as you see fit).
  • Thrust dumbbell to the belt – 2x 8-10.
  • Hyperextensions or shrugs (according to need) – 2x 8-10.

Reducing the number of sets/reps in best shoulder dumbbell exercises, frequency of training – as stated in the notes to the original program.

In the first phase of the original program (with two identical training) can include squats at the beginning of the 1st day, and become (or Romanian) traction and exercise on the calf – the beginning of the 2nd day, instead of pull-up to his chest. IMHO, if this phase you do need.

So, it turns out simple and effective program is not just for the width, and the whole entire body. On it you can put on weight 1,5 – 4kg 10-12 weeks/cycle (depending on the level of training and related factors – diet, rest, exercise frequency, mode of day, etc.).

Alternatively, you can leave everything as is, but between workouts “top” pay attention to the “bottom” in the other days.

For example, in one day:

  • Squat.
  • Leg curls.
  • Hyperextension.
  • Egg.

And another:

  • Romanian Rod.
  • Hyperextension or flexion feet (according to needs).
  • Egg.
  • Grip exercise.

You can add leg extension in the 1st day; leg presses or hack squats in the simulator during the 2nd day – according to his needs (working a couple of approaches). Exercise can be a day; It will be a very short and to the point. In this case, the classic becomes undesirable to use (best Romanian) as it decently ship broadest and full pull-ups in the next training session will not work.