Exercises for the Shoulder Muscles at Gym

exercises for the shoulder muscles

Do not forget the rear beam of the deltoid muscle when you do your own exercises for the shoulder muscles at gym. Imagine a cannon ball that does not have a third. That something like this would look like your delta, if you do not pay enough attention to their rear beam.

It is possible to “load” all three beam deltoid muscles in one workout, but it is better to allocate the back beam single day and train it, for example, together with backs. To the rear of the beam need only 4-5 sets in a single exercise, and this exercise – lifting dumbbells through the parties in the slope. Though standing, though sitting, though his forehead resting on a pedestal.

And again: the dumbbell should be severe enough. There are however, other good exercises like reverse dilution in the “butterfly in the simulator or” crossover “, but lifting dumbbells through the parties, as for me. “Beat” any other exercise but not exercise for shoulder muscles at gym.

Oh yes, forget about all these “complex” top shoulder exercises for muscle mass like barbell presses low because of the head or the linkage of the same rod to the chin in which the emphasis supposedly can make it to the rear beam of the deltoid muscle. Ups and again climbs. A side. The tilt.

And the most important rule: get one or two best exercise for shoulder muscles that are right for you, which make it your delta burning fire, and focus all your attention on their implementation. So do all the pros, because the diversity of the shoulders do not need.

The best technique – one in which you feel literally every fiber of the working muscle. Of course don’t forget about good nutrition and sleeping towards your intensive training workouts.