Good Back Workouts for Mass with Kai Green

good back workouts for mass

Doing bent-over row is a good back workouts for mass in bodybuilding by Kai Green and powerlifting, which is aimed at the development of the back muscles. Exercise can perform both beginners and professionals. Traction rod to the belt to perform better at the beginning of training, when there is no fatigue. After this exercise, you can perform a horizontal, vertical and more traction.

Bent-over row engages the latissimus dorsi, teres major muscle, the rear part of the deltoid muscle, the hand flexors (biceps, shoulder, shoulder-ray), and in the reduction of the blades to each other – rhomboid and trapezius muscles.

Additionally in this one good back workouts for mass with Kai Green, the movement involved spinal extensors in isometric tension. Emphasize the load on the different areas can be back by changing the width of the grip, and the degree of inclination of the torso.

Link rod in the slope – appliances:

  1. Stand in front of the keeper. Feet shoulder-width apart place, and a little bend at the knees. Bend over and take the rod grip neck top. The distance between your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. Without bending your arms at the elbows, straighten up and lift the barbell.
  2. Starting position: slightly caved in at the waist, torso tilt forward – a little above parallel with the horizontal surface, but less than 30 degrees. The legs are slightly bent at the knees, his head looking forward. Tighten the muscles lumbar and stay in this position until the end of the approach. Grif rod is in front of the lower legs.
  3. Make a shallow breath, hold your breath and pull the bar to the stomach. Elbows move straight back and up and to the sides. Seek to raise your elbows as high as possible.
  4. Pull the rod solely by the efforts of the back muscles and shoulders.
  5. Do not relax your muscles loin until the end of the set.
  6. Pulling the bar to the belt, exhale and slowly lower to the floor. Likewise, perform the following each repetition.

To fully understand the exercise equipment it is recommended to watch the video “A good back workout for mass” but it should keep in mind that in the video exercise is carried out with more weight and jerks, that beginners make is not recommended.