Good Gym Exercises for Back with Calum Von Moger’s

good gym exercises for back

In drawing up the training program of good gym exercises for back with Calum Von Moger’s, it is important to balance the exercise of all motion vectors, this approach will help achieve a harmonious development of the muscles. This ensures not only a correct development of all major muscle groups, but also the prevention of problems with the shoulder, elbow and knee joints, as well as the formation of posture correction and a beautiful figure.

Biomechanics of Strength Training Back Muscles

Strength training should be built in compliance with some of the items that will not only contribute to muscle hypertrophy and increased power performance, but also the balance of power in the body, which has a positive impact on the shape of any athlete.

Despite the huge variety of good back exercises in the gym in bodybuilding by Calum Von Moger’s, a person is capable of performing all nine basic movements.

The paired opposite each other:

  • Vertical mode (mode by yourself up- standing\rod sitting, bench standing\dumbbells sitting up, etc.)
  • Vertical traction (pulling up to his down-vertical thrust to the chest, and so on. D.)
  • • Landscape mode (barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, bench press on an incline bench barbell\dumbbells, push-ups and so on. D.)
  • The horizontal thrust (thrust block sitting to his stomach, thrust in the slope of the bar\dumbbell and so on. D.)
  • Movement, activating the rear biomechanical chain (involvement of muscles of popliteal crease to the shoulder rotators – deadlift)
  • The movement engages the front biomechanical chain (global abdominal exercises, foot rise in the vise)

Unpaired good back exercises at the gym:

  • Squats (with the bar at the back, with a barbell on his chest, “pistol”)
  • Movement diverting shoulder outward (dilution of dumbbells in the slope side, front traction, kettlebell snatch, heavy athletics jerk on his chest rise in podsed)
  • Lateral movement of the torso with the rotation elements (the woodcutter on the block, throwing medbola, woodcutter with dumbbells, cutting firewood, etc.)

Use equivalent volumes of load in paired opposite each other movements. For example, if you do a certain exercise in a vertical bench press, then in parallel with the need to impose the same amount of work in a vertical thrust. This need not occur within a single exercise. For example, in one workout, you can do the exercises in a horizontal bench, and next workout – in a horizontal thrust.

In cases where this principle imbalance forces will arise in the body, leading to disruption of the shape. For example, many athletes are paying much more attention to the horizontal bench press, rather than drawn. The development of back muscles, with weak back muscles leads to the formation of a hump.

Sometimes the authors recommend to combine multidirectional movement within the same workout. For example, each exercise begins with the traction exercises, which combined with exercise-zhimom in the same plane (vector), that is, if we do vertical pull (pull-up), the following is a vertical push (bench press standing). This is not a superset, and two exercise set on the basis 1A and 1B, a two-minute rest in between.

The advantage of this approach is that if you do exercise 1A at full capacity and to rest for more than three minutes, the exercise will take a very long time. If you put these two exercises one by one, the pull between the two approaches will be 4 minutes of rest, but the intensity will increase significantly. If you put these two exercises one by one, the pull between the two approaches will be 4 minutes of rest, but the intensity will increase significantly.