Leg Exercises Gym – Total Legs Exercises at Gym

leg exercises gym

Leg exercises gym – total legs exercises at gym with weights for your quads, hamstrings and calfs. On the leg muscles account for about half the muscle man. The most important leg muscles following:

  • Quadriceps. It allows you to straighten the leg at the knee, bend it into a hip, turning inwards and outwards;
  • Gluteus maximus. With it, there is extension and rotation of the hip to the outside.
  • Biceps (biceps femoris). The function of this muscle is to allow the leg to bend the knee, rotate out, straighten it in the hip joint.
  • Calf muscle. Provides bend legs in the ankle joint.

Total Gym Leg Exercises with Weights

Most of the time bodybuilders workouts aside for study of the leg muscles, for this they use some total gym leg exercises. The first set consists of 4 exercises:

  • Squat (5-7, 6-8 repetitions approaches).
  • Leg press at an angle of 45 ° (5-7, 6-8 repetitions approaches).
  • Bend the legs at the simulator (5-7, 6-8 repetitions approaches).
  • Leg extension in the simulator (12-20 repetitions for 5-7 approaches).

All of gym exercises for legs and glutes is performed accurately calculated for each individual athlete’s weight rod. Beginners athletes recommend the use of weight, 50-60% of the maximum, more prepared (after 1-2 years of training) – 70-80%. Upscale bodybuilders use weights to exercise great leg muscles, doing no more than 3-4 approaches, except for leg extension on the simulator.

Many athletes use another equally effective set of leg exercise machines at the gym:

  • Extension of the legs on the simulator (4 sets of 12-20 reps).
  • Squat in “scissors” (4 sets of 12-20 reps).
  • Rod with straight legs (4 sets of 12-20 reps).
  • Alternately crouching on the right and left foot. Legs are in this position wider shoulders (4 sets of 12-16 reps).

Serious attention also deserve exercises hamstring. Until recently, most bodybuilders limited flexion feet on the simulator and pull straight leg, but in recent years the increasing distribution receives advanced set of exercises:

  • Squats.
  • Squat to hack the machine.
  • Rod.
  • Hyperextension (tilts through goat).
  • Bend the legs on the simulator.
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