Total Gym Upper Chest Workout

total gym upper chest workout

Today your trainer of total gym upper chest workout is Rob Riches! If the pectoral muscle and can something to surprise, because it is its gigantic size. The task set the maximum amount of muscle here is considered to be a major, and therefore should be in the heart of your training strategy.

The key to a great chest – strict adherence to the classic range of repetitions (8-12 reps per set). Low repeatition sets in the spirit of powerlifting is of little help. And do not be deceived extreme weight veterans. Many of these records just amuse your self-esteem. Remember, whatever your set must fit into the tested circuit repeats.

Breeding hands with dumbbells – one of the main isolating workout for upper chest, especially their upper and inner parts. Exercise gives the breast “cool”, a convex shape, and is well suited for the creation of a clear separation between the left and right pectoralis major muscle.

As for upper chest gym workout, hanging the slope bench allows to focus the load either the upper (raised head end of the bench), or in the middle (horizontal bar), or in the lower chest area (lowered head end of the bench).

An important condition for the proper implementation of breeding hands with dumbbells is – the height of the bench, which must be such as to be able to put your feet firmly on the floor. The fact is that a lot of weight dumbbells threatens loss of balance. You can protect yourself by taking a reliable emphasis feet. Just follow workout for upper chest.