Arm Workout Routine

arm workout routine

The Darwin’s theories so beautifully says that the fittest organism can survive over all other weaker organisms. Likewise, every man and woman must always strive to stay fit in this highly competitive world. To do that, you need to have strong arms to handle every challenge thrown at you. And how do you achieve this? By arm workout routine that you set in your everyday timetable.

Sometimes, there are so many varieties of workouts that we get confused which one to follow regularly. If this has happened to you too, then you are at the right place. We have listed the most basic but effective arms workout routine that is sure to work amazingly on your arms.

Check Out the Best Arm Workout Routine

1. Lateral Raise

If you want those killer but toned arms, you must not forget to implement this in your arm workout routines. All you need for this session is dumbbells.

Stand straight in a relaxed way. Have your knees ever so slightly angled. Hold dumbbells in both those hands and make sure the palms are facing thighs. Now, slowly lift arms outwards and hold it straight to the shoulders. After few seconds, drop hands all the while making sure that palms are facing towards the floor. Repeat this eight to 12 times.

2. Overhead Extension

This is one of the best arm workout routines for women that works the best on your upper back, for toned triceps and shoulders stronger.

Firstly, make sure you stand with feet as far apart as the width of the hip is. Secondly, take dumbbells in both hands. Lift hands over the head. All the while, make sure dumbbells are held in a vertical manner and wrists are straight. Now, slowly fold hands at your elbow in such a way that the dumbbells are now held behind the head and elbows pointing at the stars. Come back to the normal position and do it again for up to 12 times.

3. Biceps Curl

When we are looking for the best arm workout routine, nothing can beat the effectiveness of this session. It works the most on forearms and shapes biceps.

Firstly, make sure you stand with feet as far apart as the width of the shoulder is for better grip. Secondly, hold dumbbells in hands. Turn the palms forward. Next, fold your elbows that will bring your palm holding dumbells to shoulders. Go back to the same position. Now, do the same thing with the other hand and for up to 12 times.

4. Bench Press

This has to be a mandatory workout session in everyone’s day to day life. It strengths your shoulder, upper back, and pectorals. In addition, adding this to mens arm workout routine can influence their arms greatly!

For this exercise, you have to lay flat on your backside on a bench. Make sure feet are attached firmly to the ground. Hold the barbell with hands. As the name suggests, press the barbell on your chest slowly and then push it as far away as possible. Repeat this over 12 times.

5. Dumbbell Punch

No arm exercise routine goes without doing this. This is an amazing workout if you not just want your arms to get toned but also upper body.

Firstly, make sure you stand with feet as far apart as the width of the shoulder is for better grip. Make sure to bend your knees slightly. Once that is achieved, you have to have dumbbells in hands. Now, punch into the thin air spread in front of face from right hand. Do the same with the left one. All the while, keep dumbbells at shoulder length. This is a sure way to burn those extra calories.

Foods to Help Tone Your Arms

If you are dreaming about flaunting your toned arms in that sleeveless dress at that party, then exercising is not all that is enough. To achieve those killer hand muscles, you must eat some arm-defining foods.

  • Wild salmon can soothe your inflammatory troubles with Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Spinach can fill you up with fibre and boost your muscles with protein
  • Add Quinoa to low-carb and gluten free diet
  • Build strong muscles with slowly roasted almonds
  • Grass-fed beef also helps building those muscles
  • Add coconut to fuel you up while hard workout


You can add the above mentioned foods along with your regular arm workout sessions to make the whole experience totally worth it. You will not only add nutrients to your body and muscle but also get the most toned and eye-catching arms that will make everyone swoon.