Bicep Workouts for Women

bicep workouts for women

It is not uncommon to see guys work on their arms so as to develop the muscles around that region. Guess what, the ladies are also developing interests in building their biceps too. In other words, it is no longer a guy’s thing. Well, exercise is popularly known as bicep curls.

You may probably be wondering why a lady would want to build hers. Don’t wonder any longer as the most common reason why many females are falling in love with it is that, that part of the body also adds to the physique. Consequently, such moves are becoming popular with both sexes. Are you looking to start the bicep workouts for women? If yes, join us as we unpack all the goodies this article has in store for you.

5 Bicep Bicep Workouts for Women

You should try all these moves.

1. Seated Dumbbell Curl: Here’s one of the most common bicep workouts for women. Well, the benefit is that it gives you positive result faster than you can ever imagine. To get started, you will need two barbells and a seat. Grab the two loads and sit down. Next, relax your hands as though you were not carrying something.

Now, you will quickly lift your two hands upwards as though you wish to tuck your arms. When you get to the maximum limit, lower them to the original position. You should do reps as many times as you can.

2. Seated Incline Dumbbell Curl: If you don’t have the exercise chair at home, you will have to try this at the gym. To start, rest on the chair at a 45-dgree angle with your face up. When you have done that, you should grab your dumbbells. Similar to the previous one, lower your hands in a way that suggests you don’t have loads in your hands.

Next, lift your two hands simultaneously, ensuring that they are next to your torso. When they get to the maximum length where your arms are fully tucked, then lower them. Do reps and ensure you time yourself. Yes, this is another bicep workout for women you should try.

3. Tall Kneeling Dumbbell Curl: Apart from those exercises that we discussed so far, you should also check out this particular one. Roll out a mat on the floor and kneel on it. Grab two dumbbells and lower your hands with the loads firmly suspended by your hands. Are you at this position now? If yes, great!

Now, let’s continue. Lift the loads upwards in a way that suggests you want to tuck your arms. When you reach the maximum limit, return them to the original position. Repeat this bicep workout for women for as many times as you possibly can.  

4. TRX Curl: Moving on, to perform this, you will have to visit a gym facility in your neighborhood. The reasoning behind this is that you may not have TRX (Total Resistance Exercise) system at home. However, it is very quick and easy. Just grab the handles of the TRX anchor and suspend your entire body as though you wish to fall to the ground.

Maintain the same position and forcibly pull the handles to return you to the original (erect) position. Perform this repeatedly without stopping at intervals. Isn’t that very easy to do? Yes, it is easy, but it is great biceps workout for women you should check out.  

5. Tall Kneeling Alternating Kettlebell Curl: Lastly, this is one of the bicep workouts for women that you should try too. To do this, you will need kettlebells and a mat. Place the mat on the floor and kneel on it. Grab two kettlebells and lower them in a way that your arms are parallel to your torso.

Curl the loads one after another. This means that when you are about to relax the one in the right hand, you will be lifting the one in your left hand. Yes, do it in that order. Do the reps for as many times as you can, and ensure you time yourself properly.


All these biceps workout for women are possible ways of curling your biceps. Aside from the fact that doing so improves your physique, there are many other reasons people work on them. For instance, when you have well-built arms, you won’t have a challenge lifting heavy loads.

While some people would argue that manual tasks are traditionally meant for the guys, what happens if a lady goes ahead to do them? Also, Building other parts of the body and leaving out your biceps would make you appear weird – like a monster! Notice that bodybuilding makes sense when the entire body is developed simultaneously such that some parts are not bigger than others.

In other words, your arms should look good just like the rest of your body. Do you wish to enjoy all these benefits? If yes, these moves are definitely going to fetch you the best results. Give them a try today!