Hugh Jackman Workout

hugh jackman workout

Does the name “Hugh Jackman” ring a bell? It sure does. He is a popular American actor who came to limelight after featuring in the blockbuster movie, Wolverine. While a lot of us know him as that tough guy who fights all the evil forces, most people never knew that he embarked on a tough drill before starring in that movie.

It is even surprising that he is a lean man, yet he played the role in the flick convincingly. You know what, the heartthrob trained for six months before playing that character. Interesting, isn’t it? Well, in this guide, you will learn about the Hugh Jackman workout plan, diet and everything in-between.  

Overviews of Hugh Jackman Workout and Diet

The Diet Preferences: According to the Hollywood actor, the right drills aren’t just enough to get a perfect shape for the film; the right diet also matters. He maintained that someone’s physique is the outcome of what he eats and how it exercises, representing them by a ratio of 7:3. Well, he employed carb cycling, intermediate fasting regimen and calorie cycling to make it happen.

He disclosed that he consumed 4,500 calories every day. Nevertheless, when he plans to lean up, he will drop it down to 3,500 calories per day. His internment fast swings between 16/8 and 15/9 timetables, meaning that in 16/15 hours he has 8/9 hours of window easting. He added that it is inappropriate to fast for more than 3 hours after strenuous moves. This is just the summary of Hugh Jackman workout diet schedule.

Hugh Jackman Exercises

The American actor noted that the particular drills he embarked on depends on the day. In all, he identified some of Hugh Jackman workouts explained below.

1. Bulking Up: The first move in Hugh Jackman workout routine is the one he called bulking up. The exercise involves performing circuit two times in a week and getting some rest two days later. The rest, according to him, will enable your muscles get maximum relaxation and be fully active whenever you wish to do the reps again. Basically, he noted that it is important that those who wish to achieve that balance to use maximum weight.  

2. Bench Press: To do this, just grab a short bench and lie on it. It’s also important that your two legs make contact with the floor. Make sure you lift a barbell in your hands. Just before lying on your back on the bench, grab the load and suspend it just above your face in way that you look at it.

Hastily lower the load toward your chest and then quickly return to initial position. Hold the load firmly so that it doesn’t fall off and drop on your chest. When using a heavier set, you should use a spotter as well. This ensures that it doesn’t crush on your ribs. Repeat the move as many times as you can.

3. Close-grip Barbell Press: Here is another Hugh Jackman workout that helped to put him in a perfect shape just before he got on set for the flick. To do this, just lie on your back on a bench. Get a barbell and lift it over your chest. It should be separated by 20cm apart. Keep your elbow tucked and then gently lower the load close to your chest.

Afterwards, you will have to lift the barbell again. At this point, you will notice that your triceps and chest are under some form of tension. It is very normal. Do the rep as many times as possible.

4. Pushup: Another remarkable exercise that the Hollywood sweetie used to prep himself for the big screen is the good old pushups. To do it, just lie down with your face directly over the floor. Suspend your bod with your hands and toes.

Make sure that your elbow is tucked and your toes pointed toward your face. When you are in that position, lower your body and come up again. Repeat it many times. This is an important Hugh Jackman Wolverine workout you should consider including to your routine.


Wrapping up, perhaps you saw the movie like the rest of us and you loved his physique when you saw it. The good news is that you can actually build yours to be like his as he has explained how he achieved that amazing bod n this do-it-yourself guide. To this end, you just have to include these moves to your routine.

If Jackman could do it, you can do it too. If you don’t try, you have failed already. But if you try, success is guaranteed. If you are not sure that you can discipline yourself to do this, just engage a private instructor or register at the gym today.